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Top 25 finalist for the design contest has been announced.

We are having a design contest for the month of October to January next year to celebrate the release of the long awaited updates for eyeball design. We will be giving away a brand new 6x8 Wacom intous 2 art tablet in this contest and we are inviting everyone from the design community to join and participate in this show of talent and skill.

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The goal of the contest is to create a fully working front/splash web page with the theme of "feature, style and functionality for the world wide web". Any design tool and format may be used but the final entry must be a single working webpage (1 page) with a url (myentry.com or mysite.com/myentry).

Existing web sites or web pages can also participate in the contest but only one page from the site or url will be the entry and not the entire site or entire contents of that site. To specify the page you want to submit from your site simply use the format
www.mysite.com/index.html or entry.

Download the official rules. Microsoft Word Format

The contest starts October 11, 2001 and ends January 30, 2002. Submission of entries is from October 11 to January 15 of 2002. All entries must be submitted through the online submission form provided in the contest section. Only entries submitted through the online form may be considered as a valid entry. All accepted entries may be altered or changed only up to January 15, 2001.

Participants can be amatuer to professional web designers, graphic artists and illustrators, flash artists or anyone with design and coding skills to create a webpage. There is also no age and nationality restriction. Participants may also enter as a group as long as a group member will provide the necessary info we need to process the entry.

The owner of the participating site or page must provide the correct and required info in the submission form available in our site to make a valid entry.

The contest prize is a brand new Wacom 6 x 8 intous 2 art tablet and a chance to be the FxZone featured artist of the month. The prize will be shipped to the winner and it is important that the correct contact info be provided.

You can get more info on the art tablet at

The judging period is from January 1 to 15 of 2002. From the total number of entries, we will select 25 finalists which will be judged by our special panel of judges. The top 25 webpages will be posted online and will be judged using the following criteria.

- style 30 pts
- features 30 pts
- functionality 30 pts
- wow factor 10 pts

The winner is the entry with the top score out of 100 pts and 4 runner ups will be chosen but only the the top entry will get to bring home the prize.

We've setup a forum for the contest. As we know many will be having questions about the contest and it would be impossible to answer all those questions in the rules page you are reading now. You can also email us regarding this contest at contest@eyeball-design.com

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