We will first need you to fill up some contact info so we can inform you when we have added your file to our archive. We will use this info to link you back and give proper credits. Don't forget to read the terms of use for this service. All fields are required to be filled up except the web site field which is optional





The files we are looking for are textures files in JPG format, Interface patterns and full interfaces in PSD format and must be zipped and Misc. files in zip format. If you are unsure of the file you are submitting please check the current archive for a sample of the files we need.



The FILE URL is what we will use for the download link. Click on the button to check if FILE URL is correct and If the save file dialog box appears then it means the URL is working. This option requires Javascript.

Once we have recieved the email we will then screen the file being submitted. You will be informed when your file has been accepted and added to the archive. You do not need to worry about the thumbnail since we will take creating it. Currently we do not host files and all files submitted will be linked using the FILE URL provided above.

We don't have the luxury to inform you if the info you submitted is incorrect so please check before submitting this form.

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