Our featured FX Artist for this month is none other than Roy of Dreamshocker. His flash-pumped site features a combination of great 3D artwork, amazing flash animation and some great sound fx.

Name: Roy
Age: 22
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
URL: http://www.dreamshocker.com

Software/Programs used:
- Dreamweaver, Firework, Flash, Photoshop, cinema 4D XL, 3D Studio Max

- Pentium III 733
- 256 RAM
- Geforce2 Mx
- SbLive value
- Quantum 40GB
- CDRW 8432
- 19" monitor

How long have you been designing?
- about 3 years

For you, is it a Hobby? Profession? Or both?
- well... just a hobby, then try to make a living with it

Any formal art/design education or self-study?
- Self study

When was dreamshocker.com first launch on the web?
- April 2000

How did you come up with the site name?
- dream = imagination, shock = reality, dreamshocker = reality of imagination

Any other sites beside dreamshocker?
- hi-shock.com (soon)

Can you describe your process in coming up with a design and layout for a site?
- 1. Site map
  2. Content

What inspires you or sparks your creativity?
- other sites, Movie, games, books, arround objects, girls

There are tons of great sites out there on the web, could you name a few that you personally think stands out from the rest?
- designgraphik.com

What's your default homepage when you open your browser?
- about:blank

PC or MAC?
- PC

DHTML or Flash?
- like them both, uhmm ok, flash

Last Question: What do you think of Eyeball-Design?
- Great DHTML, solid image

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