The Fx Gallery 2001 features my latest creations in Photoshop. I recently moved and started working with version 6 of the program and I will be updating this gallery with more fresh works as I try to figure out the other features version 6 has. So far it was a bit uneasy to get a hang of things but all I need is a few adjustments and some little time.
This will take you to the old gallery. Works from the past that I can never forget. It is also a good basis for me to see how well I have improved my design skills so its not that bad to keep old works and still have them for display.
The Corporate Agenda gallery features works and design in photoshop catering to a more corporate look.

I have been working with a lot of corporate sites for the past year and the experience has greatly improved my skill. Keeping the clean and sleek corporate look was something that gave me a different perspective when creating designs for the web.

All of the designs seen here on the FxGallery are copyrighted. You may not duplicate, download, alter the designs appearing on these pages. I am also not releasing any PSD file of these design to anyone so don't bother to ask but I have selected a few designs and made their PSD files available in the interface depot section. Some of the designs are for sale and you may inquire about them by emailing

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