We are inviting everyone to participate in our FxZone Weekend Challenge which will be a series of short design contests. The weekend challenge is part of the FxZone Live acitivites we have for the site and has been designed to promote interaction between our forum members.

The 3rd FxZone Weekend Challenge will be on Feb 24, 2002 11:30 PM (GMT). The schedule has been adjusted especially for this team challenge. You can check for your local time and date here. click here for complete details on the Weekend Challenge.

It's #Fxzone vs. #Flux! 02/19/02
We have invited a group of talented artist from the flux art group to participate in a team challenge for the next challenge! The team which will compose of 5 people from each channel will represent their group on the next Weekend Challenge to be held Feb 24, 2002 11:30 PM(GMT)

The FxZone is sponsoring a web page design contest and we will be giving away a brand new Intous Art Tablet. The contest is an open competition with the goal of creating one of the best splash / intro page for the world wide web.

Top 25 Finalist Announced 01/23/02

The Top 25 Finalist for the design contest has been announced. Thanks to everyone who participated and we would like to wish the finalist good luck. You can also check out the new contest main page with a new interface. Click Here

The Forum is back 3/29/02

The forum is back online. After our host decided to move the entire forum went down because of the new setup for the cgi. Many thanks to Raptor and Adiemus for getting our forum back online.

You can now email Adiemus or Raptor for forum related problems and forums help.

We opened a new section on the FxZone which will serve as a file exchange resource for interfaces.

If you've got a lot of those unpublished works or materials you never plan on using then this might be a better place to dump them rather than in your recycle bin. You can also find interface patterns, textures and even full PSD files of interfaces that can help you create your own interfaces.

2nd live tutorial on IRC 02/19/02

We just completed the second live tutorial featuring "Rusting" or "Rust Effect". The web version of this tutorial is to be released this coming weekend. The next one is set for the third weekend next month and we are looking forward to seeing more people participate. Click here for more details on our live photoshop tutorials.

We also have installed a new JAVA chat applet to provide better access to our live tutorials. We also have new official channel #fxzone which you can access via any irc chat program or our chat applet. We are inviting everyone to check it out and get a chance to chat with our moderators, administrators and other fellow artist and photoshop users.

Want more tutorials? You'll find a lot of useful tips and tutorials for the program features and some good photoshop effects. Also features lightwave tutorials.

Roubok Designs
Another photoshop tutorial site with some good content. I never got a chance to check out the entire site but the Shinny button and Highlighted chrome tutorial is worth a look.

Our first featured artist in the new FxZone is Roy of dreamshocker.com. His site combines great artwork, flash animation and good sound into one working piece.

Colin Smith of Phothoshopcafe has just released his new book Foundation Photoshop 6.0 and we would like to thank him for putting our link in it.

FxZone welcomes SVG, or Scalable Vector Graphics, which is a new format for images that has recently been defined by the W3C (the organization that brought us the World Wide Web and HTML). This XML-based standard can be used in web pages as well as in an increasing number of applications, and can be scripted to provide animation and interactivity.

SVG Links
To start viewing and using SVG, download the SVG viewer from adobe

.For more information on SVG, see the Adobe SVG Zone at or Silicon Publishing's SVG FAQ

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