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After FX Tutorials : Inset Lines

These inset lines can be used as bar separators, a detailing effect and as an add-on effect for interfaces. These lines appear best when the lines you use are horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines that are were not anti-aliased.

Figure 01

To create the inset lines, you start by creating black vertical,horizontal or diagonal lines using the line tool. Turn off the anti-aliased option for the line tool. For this tutorial, I used 2 horizontal lines with 2 pixels thickness to sample the inset lines (fig. 2).

Figure 02

Duplicate the current layer then select the layer below the current duplicate. Inverse the color of the lines on the selected layer. You should end up with white and black lines on two separate layers.

Figure 03

Offset the white lines 1 pixel down and 1 pixel left using the move tool and the arrow keys (fig. 4). This may vary depending on your orientation of the light. If you are placing your drop shadows on the lower right then you should offset the lines by 1 pixel down & 1 pixel right and vice-versa.

Figure 04

Change the layer mode of the layers containing the white lines from normal to softlight via the layers palette.

Figure 05

Download the PSD file for this tutorial.
afterfx01.zip 7.7 kb

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