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After FX Tutorials : Inside Curve

Here is a real easy way on how to create an inside curve and replace those tight 90 degree bends on your interfaces. All you need is a little practice with the marquee tool
Figure 01

You will need first the skeleton of interface which the inside curve will be used. White will be a recommended working color for the flat interface.

Figure 02

Create a grey square using the rectangular marquee tool on its own separate layer below the skeleton interface.

Figure 03

Using the elliptical marquee tool, make a perfect circular selection and position it on the grey square using only 1/4 of the upper left of the circular selection then hit the delete key to erase the area inside the selection.

Figure 04

Position fig. 4 beneath the interface(fig. 5) then delete any excess parts that come out on the other end of of the grey square using the marquee tool. Merge the two layers,
fill them with a single color then apply your effects.

Download the PSD file for this tutorial.
afterfx02.zip 25.8 kb

Figure 05

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