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After FX Tutorials : Chrome rings

Here are easy steps to create those chrome rings. You will need a special gradient setup for this tutorial which I have available for download below but don't forget to save your default gradient settings before loading up any gradient files.

Figure 01

Create first a rectangular selection and position it on the bar(fig. 2). Set a dark background color and light foreground color. Load the gradient file then apply a gradient on the selection. The blue line indicates the start and end of the gradient.

Figure 02

The lighter color should appear in the center part and the darker color you selected should come up on the upper and lower part of the ring(fig. 3). If not switch the foreground and background colors. by pressing X

Figure 03

Place a black line with a thickness of 1 pixel over the leftmost end of the chrome ring and a white line with same thickness over the rightmost part of the ring(fig .4).

Both these lines must be on a separate layer on top of the layer containing the chrome ring.

Figure 04

Change the layer mode of the layer containing the lines from normal to softlight via the layers palette. Add your other effects then you're rings are all done.

Figure 05

Download the PSD file for this tutorial.
afterfx05.zip 8.5 kb

Download the GRADIENT file used in this tutorial
chrome.zip 172.0 kb

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