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After FX Tutorials : Emded Effect

When working with interfaces, we always end up putting buttons, bars, status bars , mini windows on interfaces and sometimes it can be a little tricky making them fit in with the interface. You can use a drop shadow, and inset effect or you can try the embed effect. This effect creates a form of socket for the object you want to place in the interface.
Figure 01

Let us say that I want to create a mini video screen for an interface and I have one of the image that I will use for the video screen. Without the effect you can notice that it comes out to plain so we will use the embed effect to set the screen window properly.

First you
load a selection on the object that will have the embed effect(fig. 2).

Figure 02

Expand the selection by 2 pixels then fill the selection with black(fig.3). After filling the current selection with black, release the selection.

Figure 03

Make a
duplicate copy of layer with the black pattern that we created from the object we are applying the embed effect. Select the duplicate layer then inverse the color of the contents of the layer. You should now have the duplicate of the pattern with white fill

Move the duplicate 1 pixel down and 1 pixel left (fig. 4). A tiny section of the white duplicate should appear on the lower and left part of the black pattern.

Figure 04

Change the layer mode of the layer containing the white pattern from normal to softlight(fig. 5) and you're done.

Download the PSD file for this tutorial.
afterfx06.zip 121 kb

Figure 05

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