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After FX Tutorials : Brushed Surface

This is another form of texture that you can apply for your interfaces. This effect goes well with metallic colors and is very simple to use.
Figure 01

You will need first to
load a selection on the interface. Expand the selection by 6 pixels

Figure 02

With the selection still loaded,
Fill the selection with white then apply FILTERS > NOISE > ADD NOISE with the following settings:

Amount : 280
Distribution : uniform
Monochromatic : checked

Figure 03

With the selection still loaded, apply FILTERS > BLUR > MOTION BLUR with the following settings:

Angle : 0
Distance : 60

Figure 04

Apply FILTERS > STYLIZE > EMBOSS use the following settings below:

Angle : -120
Height : 2
Amount : 60

Figure 05

Change the layer mode for the current layer from normal to softlight via the layers palette.

Download the PSD file for this tutorial.
afterfx07.zip 56 kb

Figure 05

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