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After FX Tutorials : 3D Spheres II

This is a new version of those 3D spheres. This new version is more chrome looking and uses a special curve adjustment setting. I have the saved setting for the curve adjustment that you can download below.
Figure 01

First you will to create the circular selection. Use the marquee tool and the shift key to create the selection.

Figure 02

Set the foreground color to white and background color to black. Then apply a radial gradient gradient starting from upper right to the lower left. The start and end of the gradient is indicated by the red line in fig. 2

Gradient: foreground to background
Type : Radial

Figure 03

Select IMAGE > ADJUST > CURVES then load the curve file gemball. Hit the ok button and the result should be fig. 4.

Figure 04

Now to apply the color, use IMAGE > ADJUST > VARIATIONS then select the midtones. Apply the selected color or combinations of colors to produce the desired color for the ball then hit the ok button.

Download the CURVE file used in this tutorial.
gemball.zip 148 bytes

Figure 05
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