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After FX Tutorials : 3D Pipes

Here is my tutorial for creating vertical or horizontal 3D chrome pipes for additional detail. You will need a special chrome bar gradient which can be downloaded below to create the pipes. Be sure to save your gradient setup before you load any gradient files.

Figure 01

You will first need to set the colors for the gradient. A dark and light color must be set for the foreground and background color. The gradient setup on the gradient options must appear similar to fig. 02A. Swith the colors if the darker color choosen appears on the center of the gradient. Create a rectangular selection using the rectangular marquee tool after setting the gradient(fig. 02B).

Figure 02A

Figure 02B

With the selection still loaded, apply the gradient starting from the top of the selection to the bottom or vice versa. The result should be similar to fig. 3. My bar is currently colored chrome grey since I used black and light grey for the initial colors.

Figure 03

To apply color to my bar, I used IMAGE > ADJUST > VARIATIONS. You can skip this part if you have selected the desired color for the bar on the first part of the tutorial.

Figure 04

You can then add the additional effects for the bar. These bars don't appear too good as a stand alone and I suggest you use two or more effects as I did with the versions below.

Figure 05 Pipe with INSET LINES and FADED TEXT

Figure 06 Pipe with VERTICAL LINES

Download the GRADIENT file used in this tutorial.
chrome.zip 172 bytes

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