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After FX Tutorials : Rivets & screws

Another way of filling up empty spots on your interfaces is to use rivets or screws. Here are some easy steps on how to create them using photosop.
Figure 01

First you will need to create a small 3D sphere on its own layer. I made two of them because we'll be doing the screw and rivet together.

Figure 02

Then you will need to create the markings on the head of the rivet or screw. For the rivet, make a small black square on the surface of the 3D sphere. For the screw, create a diagonal line with 1 pixel thickness using the line tool

Figure 03

Make a duplicate copy of the layer containing the line or the black square. Using one of the copies, inverse the color of the black square or line then change the layer mode from normal to softlight via the layers palette.

Figure 04

To create the sunken look, apply the embed effect for the screws or rivet.

Figure 04

To create the wear and tear effect on the screw or rivet, make a black filled circle with the same size as the screw below the layer containing the screw or rivet then apply FILTERS > BLUR > GUASSIAN BLUR.

Figure 04

Download the PSD file for this tutorial.
afterfx13.zip 16 kb

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