FxZone: Interface Depot
The interface depot is an online file resource where you can find and share files for learning or creating graphic user interfaces.

Interface Patterns
updated: 11/08/01 added 4 patterns

Texture Files
updated: 10/11/01

Full Interfaces
updated: 10/30/01

Misc Files
updated: 10/11/01

The depot is fully open. We are now accepting links to other interface files. You can submit your interface files here or you can check out the files we linked that you can download.

The concept of the interface depot is simple. It serves as a file link archive where you can download useful patterns, textures, PSD files and other types of interface files than can help you learn or create your own interfaces but it also accepts file submissions from other interface designers who wish to publish their own helpful interface files and make it available for download.

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