The S-Curve cut is a great way of producing a sleek curve on your interfaces. A Simple technique that makes use of the Photoshop pen tool which can be a little tricky at the first few tries.
The image on the left show a simple header I created using the
S-Curve cut.
You can start by selecting the Pen Tool. Plot the points similar to the pattern on the left image. This will
make the path that you will use to create the selection.

You will need to position two key points on your path that will be diagonal to each other. The distance of the two key points will determine how smooth the S Curve will be.

Select the Convert Anchor Point Tool and click and drag horizontally on the two key points to create the
curve. This part should be easy as the path will show the curve and give you a better idea of what the cut will look like. You can then make the adjustments on the curve using the same tool.
After preparing the path, all you need to do is create the selection by clicking on the "Load path as selection"
button which is located at the Path Palette.

Once the selection has been loaded, just go back to the layers palette then select the pattern then hit the delete key to make the cut.

Remove the excess section by using the rectangular marquee tool and you're done.

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