IRC Tutorial Schedule 11-17-01

The schedule for the live photoshop tutorials on irc have been released and we also have 1 new tutorial for our creative minutes tutorials.

We have also moved the release date for the beta version of the downloadable tutorial. We lost a lot of precious time when we transferred to a new host. Currently we are still experiencing some minor technical problems and we would apologize for any inconvenience.

Beta Release Date rescheduled 11-17-01

We have adjusted the release date for our tutorials for the second week of December. We are still having trouble with some our stuff after the relocation of the site plus some pending work which caused the delay.

We have installed a new JAVA chat applet for our live photoshop tutorials and other upcoming monthly activities for the FxZone.

The channel is open 24/7 and we are inviting everyone to drop by and help establish our home channel.

Stuck somewhere with our tutorials? You can check out our forum and get your answers there.

Photoshop Tutorials on IRC

We would like to thank everyone who came to our first live photoshop tutorial on IRC. We would also like to thank the Flux Art Group for allowing us to conduct the tutorials on their channel.

Plans are underway for the new set of live tutorials for next year. We expect to have 1 live tutorials every month starting January next year.

You will need to download an IRC chat client like MIRC to be able to log on the undernet servers. Join us at channel #flux on November 25 at 2:00 GMT. We will also try our best to install a java irc client to provide access to the session via our website.

Interface Shape / Pattern Tutorials


S-Curve tutorial for creating a smooth transition on interface headers

Interface Pattern I

Interface Pattern tutorial using inside curves and cornering techniques

Cornering Technique

Take out the square edges and replace them with smooth rounded corners

Embedded Slots

Looking for a way to integrate bars and buttons on your interface?

3D Orbit

Great add-on effect on your 3D spheres

Adjacent panels

Replace your rectangular or circular panels with adjacent panels.

Featured FX Tutorials and Tips

Dropping that Shadow

Drop shadows are one of the most widely used effects but getting the right drop shadow is not as easy as you think.

Maximizing use of Textures

Using textures can be great in creating truly unique surfaces on your interface or simply creating backdrops for your designs.

Interface Effects Tutorials

Aqua Buttons

My own version of creating those nifty aqua buttons or spheres

Outer Bevel II

The old bevel effect but this time with the flat top

Corroded Edges

Another add-on wear and tear effect to make your interface look worn down

Chrome Caps

Another great thing you can make out of your chrome rings


Another simple but great effect for your interfaces

Aqua Interface

Apply the aqua button effect on more complex patterns or shapes

Interface Skin and Bone

Create combo interfaces with the skin and bone technique.

Creative Minutes: Forum Tutorials

Plasma Grid

Check out ReMiXx's fast, painless method for a nifty grid effect.

Frame Tweening

Delve into ImageReady and learn about Frame Tweening.


Check out 187's neat spiral effect created using the twirl filter.

3D Line Grid

Create your own 3D grid using photoshop's vector tools

Sun Flare

Raptor, one of our forum moderators, shows us some of his photoshop skill with his sun flare tutorial.

The old photoshop tutorials are still here. You can access a few of them below by clicking on the thumbnail or you can view the entire set here. We are also converting them into a downloadable version, which we plan to release on the next update.

3D Ring
Chrome Rings
Inset Patterns
Wires & Cables
Interface 1
Embed Slots
Gradient Border
3D Pipes
Interface 2
Outer Bevel
Brushed Surface
Rivets & Screws
3D Sphere
Inset Lines

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