The Interface section shown on the left is accomplished using a combination of selection techniques plus some of PhotoShop's basic tools. The marquee and the lasso tool can be a powerful tool with the right imagination. Again practice is the key to perfecting any technique.

I first use the inside curve technique by creating a circular selection on the right side of the rectangular pattern. After
positioning the circular selection I can then hit the delete key to remove the contents of the selection.

You don't need to be accurate in the diameter and position of the selection. If it doesn't come out right the first time just repeat the process.

Next using the polygon lasso tool, we cut off the lower section of the circular area we first removed. This will complete the inside curve.

I created a diagonal selection using the polygon lasso tool as seen on the left image. One important thing to keep in mind is the position of the diagonal selection. The cut has to be placed at the exact position to make the cut seamless. Use the arrow keys to move your selection right in place and try zooming in the particular area to get a better view of the selection.

Make the second inside curve on the left side of the pattern. The position of the cut doesn't need to be precise. You can play and
experiment with different positions.

I then create the third inside curve using the elliptical marquee tool and remove the excess section on the lower right using the
rectangular marquee tool.

Use the cornering technique to remove the boxed tips of the interface and make them into rounded corners.

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