The cornering technique is one of the few ways you can eliminate the boxed edges or rectangular corners of your interfaces. By converting them to rounded corners. The technique makes use of the elliptical marquee tool combined with proper positioning or placing.

This technique is pretty easy to execute but is tricky at the first few tries. You'll notice that the elliptical marquee tool has 4
small regions on each side of the selection which are flat. We'll be using those flat regions to place our selections properly and make the rounded corners or edges.

I positioned my elliptical selection and made it big enough to fit in the area of the interface where I want to create a rounded corner. Using the arrow keys helps you position the selection and make sure you still have the marquee tool selected when you use them.

After positioning the elliptical selection, you then need to select the remaining sections of the in of the interface.
You can do this using the rectangular marquee tool and adding a selection to the current selection (hold the shift key while using the marquee tool).

You'll notice that I start the left most end of the rectangular selection where it would intersect the top flat regions of the first elliptical selection.

Once the selection has been added and all of the remaining parts of the interfaces selected, you can then reverse the selection and hit the delete key to remove the rectangular tip of the interface

The process is the same to make the upper right hand corner rounded but this time you'll be adding two rectangular selections.
I've indicated where the rectangular and elliptical selections intersect using the tiny red arrows on the right image.

Once you've selected the interface, just inverse selection and again hit the delete key to create the rounded corner.

Repeat the process for the lower right section of the interface. This time I only needed one rectangular selection to add the
elliptical selection to be able to select the remaining sections of the interface to complete the cornering technique.

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