This tutorials is great for integrating design elements like buttons, bars and other objects into your interfaces. The technique is very simple and makes use of the cornering technique and the contract selection option of Photoshop.
You will first need to have the main interface. Once you have that ready, you start by loading a selection around
the interface.

Contract the selection. The amount you need to contract depends on the size of the slot you want to create.

For this tutorial I used 6 as the amount of contraction.
With the selection still loaded, make a new layer and fill the selection with black color. You can use any color for
this step since it will only be temporary.
I then choose a particular area of my newly created pattern then I apply the 3 rounded corners using my
cornering technique. This step will determine the shape of the embed effect. This is also a tricky part and proper positioning of the elliptical selection is important to get a clean cut for the corners. Try to zoom in the key areas to make sure you have the cut right.

The numbering in the circles is to represent which order I did the rounded corners.
After doing the cornering I then make a selection on each new pattern I made. I then apply a vertical gradient
using the darker and lighter shade of the base interface color.

Since grey is the primary color I then chose black/dark grey and white/light grey as my colors for my vertical gradient. This step should create the embed / inset 3d effect for the slot.
After applying the gradients for all of the patterns, load a selection all patterns. Contract the selection by 2 pixels
then make a new layer using the current selection. The amount of pixels you need to contract will depend on how much emphasis you want to give on the gradient fill.

After contracting the selection just fill the pattern with black an you're done.
Download PSD file of this tutorial.
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