This is another add on effect you can use for fine detailing of your interface. I used these chrome caps for my navigation bar below to provide the junction which connects 1 bar with another bar.

You will also need the chrome bar gradient for this tutorial. You can download the gradient file below.

First you need to create the chrome bar. You can do that by making a rectangular selection then with the use of the CHROME gradient file that I
have provided you then apply a vertical gradient to the rectangular selection.

The red line on the right image indicates where you start and end your gradient plus the direction of your gradient. Also hold the shift key while you apply your gradient to make sure its locked in a vertical position.

Select the edit > transform > distort option. Click on keypoint 1 then move keypoint 1 a few pixels down.

Select keypoint 2 then move it a few pixels up and this should create the triangular look of the chrome cap.

After moving the keypoints you can then double click on the center of the transform area to apply the transform option and you're done.
Download Chrome bar Gradient file for this tutorial.
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