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February 24, 2002 10:00 PM (GMT)

For the next upcoming weekend challenge we have invited people from the Flux Art group to participate in a form of team challenge with the #Fxzone. The rules for this challenge will be the same but the team membes for each group will contribute to the total team points. We are also accepting nominations for the #fxzone team. If you'd like to nominate someone please email live@eyeball-design.com

With the success of the photoshop live tutorials we are bringing you another fxzone weekend activity called the FxZone weekend challenge. The weekend challenge will be a series of short design contests to be held on our own IRC channel. The contest are designed to promote interaction between forums members and allow members to show of their skill and talent in design.

We are inviting all of our forums members to join us and participate. The best works will be featured on our Interface Depot and the creators will get to be the forum artist of the week.

The 3rd FxZone Weekend Challenge will be this coming Feb. 24, 2002. 11:30 PM (GMT) The schedule has been adjusted for this challenge to make it easier for the #flux team. We have provided a time table for some of you in the US and we also have a link to a time and date converter below.

Date and TIME (GMT) February 24, 2002: 11:30 PM
Eastern Time USA (New York, Detroit) February 24, 2002: 6:30 PM Saturday
Central Time USA (Chicago, Houston) February 24, 2002: 5:30 PM Saturday
Mountain Time USA (Phoenix, Denver) February 24, 2002: 4:30 PM Saturday

Pacific Time USA (Los Angeles, San Jose)

February 24, 2002: 3:30 PM Saturday

Timezone converter - check with your local time

Below is the schedule for this month's FxZone Weekend Challenge

Date and TIME (All times in GMT) Status
Feb 02, 2002 : 10:00 PM Done
Feb 09, 2002 : 10:00 PM Done
Feb 16, 2002 : 10:00 PM (Live Tutorials) Live tutorials
Feb 24, 2002 : 11:30 PM Upcoming

Participants will be provided with a theme and an interface pattern (to be given at the start of Weekend Challenge Session) to work on. They will then be given a period of 2 hours to work on the interface. After the time period has expired the Fxzone moderators and administrators will be score each entry and we will select the top 3 entires to be top pick for the challenge. The best creation will be crowned Artwork of the week and the creator to be Artist of the week for our Fxzone forums.

To particpate, you need to be a member of the FxZone forums. If you're not a member yet you can register here.

Once you are a member all you need to do is log on to our irc channel at the given date and time for the challenge and complete instructions will be be provided by the present moderators or operators.

We also encourage forum members to pre-register for the event. Simply fill in your forum nick/handle and type in your email address. We need this to help monitor our activity weekend.

Forum Nick/Handle

Email Address

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By clicking on the box you will be added to the challenge mailing list

For your questions, suggestions and complaints for our weekend challenge you can post them here on our forums. We would encourage everyone to post on our forums instead of sending us email but if it's really important you can use live@eyeball-design.com

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