Eyeball FxZone: Photoshop tutorials and tips

After FX Tutorials

Inset lines - a quick and easy tutorial on how to create those neat inset lines.
Inside Curve - remove those tight 90 degree corners on your interfaces.
Outer Bevel - here are some easy steps to create the outer bevel effect using photoshop
3D Ring - create a smooth 3D ring using photoshop and lighting effects
Chrome Ring - here is another ring that wraps around your 3D bars
Embed effect - a neat effect you can use for placing objects on interfaces
Brushed surface - create a ragged look on your interfaces using a brushed surface

Inset patterns - a quick and easy tutorial on how to create those neat inset effects on the interface surface.
Gradient border - double gradient effect for framing images and objects
3D Sphere II - a new more chrome looking version of those 3D spheres.
3D pipes - create 3D pipes and chrome bars using photoshop and gradients
Wires & cables - create twisted cables or wires using photshop paths and stroke
Rivets & Screws - quick steps in making screws and rivets with photoshop

Interface Tutorials

The following 3 tutorials explain how I use a special binding technique to produce designs for interfaces using a combination of different integrated figures or shapes.

Blue chrome bar with outer bevel, embed effect & 3D shpere effects

Green chrome bar with outer bevel, inset lines, 3D shperes effects

Orange bar with rounded corners, outer bevel, inset lines effects.

The next 3 tutorials show us how you can use 3 different styles using only one navigation bar.

Blue chrome bar using the double gradient effect.

Red chrome bar using double gradient effect with a single gradient button on top.

Green chrome bar using triple gradient effect.

Photoshop Tips

Guidelines - a few tips on using photoshop guidelines to create different polygons.

Stroke - some tips on using stroke to create borderlines on selections.

Monitor Calibration - calibrate your monitor and avoid brightness problems w/ photoshop and desktop.

Memory Tips - optimize your memory settings for photoshop to enhance program performance or better multitasking

Image Optimization - compress and optimize your images for the web.

Work Area tips - optimize your work space while working with photoshop

Selection tip - a more effecive selection technique for photoshop

Type Magic Tutorials

Drop Shadow
here my own tutorial on creating drop shadows for type designs.

3D Effect
Another type effect which creates the simple illusion of 3D using displacement.

My own version of creating the glow effect using only photoshop and its basic filters.

Texture Fill
A tutorial on how to fill your type designs with your own selected textures.

Emboss Effect
To create the emboss effect using photoshop layers and the blur filter.

Overlay Inset
Inset effect for your type designs using the overlay mode.

Metallic Shade
A popular type effect created in photoshop using lighting effects.

Double gradient
A creative way of using photoshop gradients on your type designs.

Double Decker
A type effect using the combination of drop shadows and a simple 3D effect.

Here is a creative way of using the photoshop diffuse filter for your type designs.

Interlaced Type
Here is a tutorial on how to use the interlace lines for your own type designs.

GFX Tutorials

3D Spheres
Here is a tutorial on how to create 3D spheres without using and 3rd party plugins or filters.

Apply insets on your designs using photoshop layers and blur.

Rounded Edges
Apply rounded edges in your design using the basic selection techniques.

Seamless Tiles
A tutorial on how to make seamless tiles from scratch using your own designs.

Seamless Fade
Here is tutorial on how to produce a more dramatic fade when using your stockphotos.

3D Chrome Bars
A tutorial on how to create a navigation bar using lighting effects and layering techniques.

3D Gradient Bars
A variation of the 3D navigation bars but this time using gradients.

Overlay Fade
A creative way of fading an image to the background using overlay modes.

A tutorial on how to create an interlaced video effect on your stock photos or images.

A camera effect replicated using diffrent layers modes.

Rock Surface Texture
Here is my tutorial on one of my favorite textures that I apply on my designs.
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